Here’s an overview of the books I’ve read in 2020. This is not a countdown, nor is it a series of reviews. Just some thoughts on the books I’ve read over the course of the last bizarre 12 months in chronological order.

Just a quick note — despite all the apparent free time we’ve all had this year due to a certain development, I have actually read fewer books this year than usual. It’s probably because I’ve spent more time wondering what the hell was going on than sitting down to read.

One final quick note — perhaps again due…

It’s taking me longer than I expected to get cinewise off the ground (though it should be ready by late January) and finally do something similar for music (again, January).

So, in the meantime, I’ll publish my favourite films and albums lists here (again) before 2018 is no more.


50. Our Raw Heart — YOB
49. Electric Messiah — High on Fire
48. The Wolf Bites Back — Orange Goblin
47. Silent Killer — Mustasch
46. Anatomical Venus — Black Moth
45. Big Tings — Skindred
44. Clone of the Universe — Fu Manchu
43. You Can’t Kill Rock’n’Roll — Hardcore Superstar
42. Automata I & Automata II…

Chronicle of the week in things watched, listened to or read


  • 1 film (new)
  • 1 TV show
  • 3 albums


The Miracle (2015)

Aziz (Mert Turak, left) and Muallim Mahir (Talat Bulut)

A deeply flawed, yet equally deeply affecting film. Its narrative and stylistic shortcomings (unnecessary slo-mo sequences; the rough tonal shift from black comedy to drama in the first act to name a couple) can easily be forgotten because of its emotional intensity. Let’s just say, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

TV shows

Manhunt: Unabomber

Chronicle of the week in things watched, listened to or read


  • 1 film (new)
  • 1 book
  • 1 gig


Wind River (2017)

Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to listen to, Wind River is one of those triumphs that you know comes once in a blue moon. Has all the potential to be a cult classic. It’s a taut thriller, beuatifully acted and written (though Elizabeth Olson’s FBI agent needs a little bit more to play with).


A History of Britain in 21 Women

Interesting idea and the women that are shortlisted for this collection are more than worthy. …

My name is Gurur and I’m a User Experience Designer (UX Designer). I’d been in UX for over seven years before joining Kainos and got into more of the design side of things in the latter part of that period. I was always very creative, but never really considered pursuing a career in anything creative. But with my research background and my aptitude for creativity meant it was an easy transition to a UX designer role in the last few years.

What I love about the job
I like creating experiences that make people’s lives easier, as cheesy as that sounds…

Chronicle of the week in things watched, listened to or read


  • 3 films (2 new; 1 previously watched)
  • 1 new series
  • 1 novel (started in 2017)
  • 7 new albums


The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

Yorgos Lanthimos’s second English-language feature was everything I’d expected from him — and some more. It’s a weird, deeply unsettling story of a family dealing with a deadly curse. From the get-go, it grips you with a dread that is hard to shake off and by the end of it, it’ll leave you a mess. In other words, just another Yorgos Lanthimos film.

Kedi (2016)

This is a YouTube sponsored video about — what else — cats. We follow a number of stray…

50. Why Him? (2016)

Directed by John Hamburg; written by John Hamburg, Ian Helfer; production country — USA, Cambodia

Plot: The Flemings are visiting their daughter on the West Coast for the holidays … and to meet her millionaire boyfriend.

The silly premise that has a lifetime of a few minutes is stretched to a feature length film. And the result is … surprisingly good. Though the crazy factor is taken to a little too extreme by the ending, there is an old school charm about this.

49. Get out (2017)

Directed by Jordan Peele; written by Jordan Peele; production country — USA

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I’m going to make a change this year and make sure to get cinewise up and running. It is live, but very much a work in progress.

So until that happens, and parallel to it, I will be publishing some thoughts on the films that I’ve seen in 2017. This will be a soft transition to writing film reviews again and will also serve as a tracking document for films I will have seen this year. This document will be updated as and when I am able to.

In reverse chronological order:

The Neon Demon (2016)

Drapes match the hair


Recently I’ve had the privilege to read yet another article about introducing a new buzzword for what we do — or should do. I don’t think it matters what it is, because in a few weeks it will be replaced by yet another one.

I can’t be the only one who is sick of this game of jargonympics where we are trying to outjargon the decision-makers in our companies by liberally coming up with new buzzwords to counter the “Horizon”s and “Lean Value Tree”s of that world.

I am a UX designer and although my job title is a jargonified…

Adele’s new album broke records and that is one of the best music related news I’ve heard in ages.

Genre-wise, Adele’s music is as far removed from my tastes as possible, but like millions of us out there I am in awe of her voice. And her personality — or at least her public personality. Seeing her successful makes me happy, because that is the only way we are going to get rid of non-music occupying the music industry.

But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about Deep Purple.

I saw Deep Purple for the…

Gurur Sarbanoglu

Design Consultant at Kainos. Watches films, listens to r’n’r, binge-reads books, codes, supports Galatasaray. Sometimes all at the same time.

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